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"Investing wisely in futures, starting with yours."

Why RAM Futures?

Benefits of Investing in Alternatives

The great Mountain Ram, sure-footed in treacherous mountain terrain, responds consistently to
nature’s unpredictability. Similarly, RAM Management understands the peaks and valleys
associated with investing. Whether you are a suitable individual investor, family office, or
Fund-Of-Funds, RAM Management specializes in providing an alternative investment vehicle for
your financial portfolio.

• Managed Risk Trading Program (MRTP) has a two decade long track record.
• RAM’s Conservative investment program has often yielded positive annual returns.
• Proven risk management system



• Returns are independent to US stock market and bond market returns.
• Potential to profit in both poor and prosperous economic environments.
• Opportunity to participate in many sectors of the world economy.
• Transparent, exchange traded, marked-to-market, liquid instruments.

Reduce Volatility

The primary benefit of adding a non-correlating managed futures component, like RAM, to a
diversified portfolio is that it should reduce overall portfolio volatility. RAM’s low-correlation to
equities and bonds can be attributed to:
• RAM’s ability to exploit global conditions that frequently are detrimental to stocks and bonds,
• RAM’s likelihood to having a short or long position in any market,
• RAM’s portfolio including markets absent from traditional portfolios.

Long-Term Growth

RAM’s managed futures investment strategy strives to generate long term returns by capturing
sustained upward or downward price movements using a consistent, disciplined, rule-based
trading approach and risk management system.
Our clients participate in:

• 30 different markets worldwide, in
• 7 different economic sectors, including
• Currencies, energy, agriculture, metals, softs, stocks
& interest rates.



Investors try to achieve the proper mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and alternatives
in a portfolio. Research continues to show that 92% of long term portfolio growth came from
diversification among various asset classes.

Potential to Profit in either Poor or Prosperous Times

Managed futures trading advisors (CTA’s), can take advantage of price trends. For instance,
RAM can buy futures in anticipation of a rising market or sell futures short if it anticipates a fall in
prices, thus having the ability to profit for you in any economic environment.


• Performance has been non-correlating to stocks, bonds, and many hedge funds.
• “Conservative” nature of flagship program is a marketable institutional product.
• Ability to leverage MRTP Program on a more aggressive risk/reward scale satisfies additional
market niche.


• Principals invest own capital
• Present clients include renown “professionals” from the futures industry.
• Principals have tremendous on and off-floor exchange experience.
• Money Managers select RAM to manage their money.


Contact Us

RAM Management Group, Ltd.

16 Forest Street

New Canaan, CT 06840

Tel (203) 972-1000

Fax (203) 972-8007


We look forward to speaking with you.

Please Keep In Mind

• Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
• There is risk of loss and volatility of principal
• Accounts are only solicited through the firms disclosure document.
• May not suitable for all investors
• May not achieve its objective of capital appreciation or portfolio diversification.